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officers tell me they plan to wrap up their investigation here tonight. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, are nbc bay area news. well, she's fighting the charges. the woman accused of playing a role in the south bay murder of a wealthy venturist has pled not guilty. raven dixon is accused of being an accessory to murder. police say she is a prostitute and robby cumra. three men are charged in connection to the case. all four defendants are due back in court next month. we're following some breaking news in oakland where police have surrounded the building where suspected gunman is holed up. it began as a report of a shooting around noon today. a witness then told police where the suspect might be found. and that's where the s.w.a.t. team is now assembled outside of an apartment.
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police have been calling for the man to come out for several hours now. since then there's been no response. the s.w.a.t. team is prepared to go in. we'll continue to monitor this story throughout this newscast. new details on the final moments of christopher dorner's life. based on autopsy results, investigators now believe the fugitive former l.a. cop did kill himself. the san bernardino county sheriff's department released that information at a news conference this afternoon. investigators say dorner died from a single gunshot wound to the head after a massive manhunt that led authorities to big bear. dorner was ultimately barricaded in a be cabin and refused to surrender. they say they were forced to deploy chemical agents into the cabin which then caught fire. >> as the fire continued to spread, i went about probably a quarter of the cabin was on fire, we heard a distung
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distinct gunshot come from the house. it indicated to me a different type of weapon was fired. >> now the certificate of for dorner began a week prior to that after investigators say he launched a deadly revenge fueled rampage against the lapd. the department had fired him back in 2009. dorner was accused of killing four people including two officers. scientists are calling it a cosmic coincidence. two space rock close encounters, all in one day. the first happened just after the sun came up across the globe in russia. a ten ton meteor hit the earth. and then, later on, another space rock went whizzing by the earth. our jodi hernandez has more from the space and science center in oakland. >> reporter: you're looking at video taken by nasa showing a 150-foot asteroid as seen from australia this morning coming closer to earth than any rock its size. >> it sounded like a safeway, a
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supermarket, or an olympic sized swimming pool in size. the mass is 130,000 metric tons, which is equivalent to 60,000 suvs, so, you know, it's a big piece of rock. >> reporter: but the much anticipated asteroid is getting overshadowed by a smaller meteor that actually made its way to earth. these incredible images show the ten ton meteor floating over russia smashing windows and injuring hundreds. but experts say the cosmic rock completely unrelated to the da-14 asteroid. >> it's actually been a double whammy day. a lot of interesting things going on. but it is just a coincidence. it's not marking the beginning of a rain of asteroids coming at us. >> i'm thankful for that. >> reporter: all the cosmic activity catching the attention of glenn rivera who recently had a close encounter with a meteor ite when one hit his neighbor's roof on his birthday in october. he still has a chunk of it.
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>> it's just fantastic that we're getting data and getting fo footage of these meteorite falls so we can study them and hopefully learn something about our planet and the solar system. >> reporter: now rivera is setting up his telescope hoping to catch a glimpse of the asteroid. people across the bay area are doing the same. and coming up at 6:30, are complete coverage of that massive exploding meteor over russia. the amazing video with many different angles. what experts are saying about it. janelle wang has our report at 6:30. new tonight at 6:00, strong emotions in court today again at the san jose man accused of killing a suspected burglar kills a suspect. they say betancourt is a vigilante who took the law into his own hands. while his relatives say they just want justice. the clash created tension in the courtroom. kimberly tere is live.
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i know there have been altercations in the past. how was it today? >> reporter: it was from pretty calm, actually. a lot of stuff happened behind the scenes. tensions did remain quite high despite everything being calm. tensions were so high that police were expected to escort both families into and out of the courthouse. tensions are high between families on opposite sides of a vigilante murder case. >> just a lot of raw emotions. a lot of people were upset. things happened. things got said. >> reporter: the two sides got into a fight after the last hearing for 26-year-old ricardo hernandez who is accused of shooting and killing a man he suspected was a serial burglar. santa clara county deputies had to break up the fight. >> when that occurred last hearing, we were promised more beefed up security. and i come here today and find nothing. >> reporter: there were no major
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conflicts today. four members of hernandez's family were removed from court for talking. >> as far as i'm concerned, i thought that it was very terse by the deputies considering the fact the family should be and allowed to be supportive of mr. hernandez. >> reporter: the shooting happened new year's eve at the summer breeze apartments where hernandez is a maintenance worker. police report hernandez trade to stop 30-year-old soriano and detain him until police arrived. that's when the gun went off. >> unfortunately, citizens are left to confront criminals on their own terms without the assistance of police. i know that's not what the police want. they would love to be assisting. they just don't have the manpower and budget to do so. >> reporter: the families say they want justice. and both sides are counting on the court system to provide it. >> just after justice like any other family would. i mean, there's not much we can do. i mean, it's out of our hands. it's all in the courts now. we'll just let it be.
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>> we understand the 0 other side and it is very difficult on our side as well. they lost somebody and we are on the verge of losing somebody. it's not fair. but we will leave it in their hands. >> reporter: a hearing and a preliminary hearing. hernandez is expected back in court on march 15. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. a hatchet was the unlikely weapon used in a violent attack in san francisco last night. police say two men were injured in the home invasion on 27th street. a 58-year-old man came home after 11:00 p.m. and interrupted three men robbing the home. they attacked him with a hatchet and left. the victim then went upstairs to find his 69-year-old roommate tied up and also suffering from deep cut wounds. they are nonlife threatening. a uc berkeley student has come out as an undocumented
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immigrant in a new video that may go did viral. in the video, he uses a piece of chalk and his math skills to compare the cost of deportation versus the value young immigrants contribute as u.s. citizens. the campaign produced a clip to promote the dream act. the video ends with news that parker was just accepted into a master's program at yale. >> if the dream act doesn't pass by the time he graduates, he will no choice but to take a job where someone pays him under the table. >> which means the president of the berkeley math club will be doing some hard manual labor. >> the dream act would open the path to citizenship for park and 2 million other young people brought to the u.s. as kids. go on a police ride-along from your own couch. still ahead at 6:00, the unique social media event happening right now in the bay area. also --
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>> pets accidentally killed, lost, injured, all in the care of the airlines. an nbc bay area investigation, what happens when some animals are shipped in cargo. and a warning for wine lovers. why the nice weather could cost you money. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we are tracking some rare february heat. close to 80. south san jose at 75. and strap on that seat belt. some major changes coming our way it in the seven-day forecast including rain. i have it all for you coming up.
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is it time to reconsider taking your pet on your next vacation? hundreds of animals have died, been hurt, or flat out disappeared while in the care of airlines since 2007. which carrier saw the most
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tragedies. a lot of people will be interested in this report. >> reporter: i'm sure, raj. and more pets died on delta than in the care of any other airline, but they're not the only carrier that's had problems. we found air travel can sometimes be deadly for a pet. >> he was my best friend. >> reporter: michael paid $650 to have bam-bam fly from miami to san francisco on united's pet safe program. >> they guarantee you that up pet will always be in acclimated surroundings. >> reporter: but he says during a layover in houston, he saw his dog sitting on the tarmac on a luggage cart. >> and i've never seen him ever that hot. >> reporter: going through monthly air travel consumer reports from the department of transportation dating back to 2007, the investigative unit discovered more than 300 animals have died, been injured, or gone missing. most never to be found. all on the airline's watch.
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should airlines be allowed to transport animals? >> i think we demand it and i think the airlines have to respond in kind, but i think the owners have to be responsible to make sure that pets are healthy. >> you literally run the same risk of losing your pet as you do losing your luggage. >> reporter: but airline for america, a trade group representing the majority of airlines, told us the transportation of all passengers including pets remains the airline's number one priority and airlines adhere to all federal regulations. we'll have more on this issue in our full investigation at 11:00 including what penalties if any at all the airlines receive when an animal is hurt. we look forward to seeing you then. if you have a tip for anyone in our investigative unit give us a call 888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail to palo alto police chief is
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holding a ride-along and you can follow him on twitter. it began at 2:00 this afternoon and runs until 2:00 a.m. chief burns is busy respond to go a traffic collision and after 5:00 he helped a woman find her car which she had parked downtown. some of the pictures the department is tweeting out. burns took a quick break to make the purchase at a lemonade stand. the chech says his goal is to give insight into the realities of policing while drawing attention to the social media channel. also in palo alto, the high school could be getting a major upgrade thanks to an anonymous donation. the donor offered to foot the bill to replace the outdated outdoor and indoor athletics facilities at the high school. how much is he or she willing to donate? upwards of $20 million. the school board says the donor is a parent of a student in the district. the new facilities would include two gymnasiums, a wrestling room, dance studio, weight room and classrooms. if the school board approves the plan next month, construction
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could start as soon as next year. >> a nice day outside for you today but maybe not for your favorite pinot. as 2013 gets under way there are concerns about the weather. we want to go live to scott budman. scott, is the harvest in trouble? >> reporter: no, not yet, jessica. it's early to talk about that. we do talk about our warm weather a lot. while that warm weather is great if you want to go out for a walk and end up, say, at a wine bar like here in los gatos, that's terrific. if the warm weather continues for much longer, it could put the bay area wine industry into a bit of a bind. the tasting room at the thomas fogarty winery is also buzzing. the wine part of a record crop in 2012 that saw 4 million tons of grapes harvested in california. outside fogarty winemaker nathan
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kandler walks through the vineyard admitting while the weather is beautiful, it might be a little too beautiful for his business. >> as much as it's nice to sit out and enjoy the weather, it's worrisome. >> reporter: worrisome because we usually get more cold weather and rain this time of year which keeps the harvest from growing. if warm weather comes too early, so might the grapevines making them vulnerable to a later cold snap. >> the worst case scenario is we have really poor weather during flowering. and the flowering period is when the vines actually set the cross. >> reporter: that could lead to a reduced yield of grapes which in turn means higher prices. but don't cry in your chardonnay just yet. there's still hope of a bumper crop. >> it's a little early to say and a few nice days of weather don't necessarily indicate we're going to have an early season, but it does look like the weather that the forecast calls for a little bit of rain and cooler temperatures which we're
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actually happy about. slow things down. >> reporter: and, as every wine fan knows, patience is a virtue. and wine is a hot business. not just here in the bay area but in the country as a whole. according to nielsen, wine spots like this one have grown in number by 12% over the last five years. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> notice scott really liked that assignment at a wine bar on a friday before a three-day weekend. >> happy hour, right? not so happy for jeff. jeff, you've been talk iing abo how dry it's been the last two months. we got a lot of rain at the beginning in early november but haven't gotten so much rain now. >> in november/december we picked up 10 inches for parts of the bay area. we had such a surplus, and then you come into february and as scott mentioned in his story, now we are setting ourselves up for an all-time driest january and february. we have a lot of numbers going on here. here is a look. since january 1, napa only .37
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of an inch of rainfall. we should have 5.62 for the calendar year at this point. concord with .48 and should have 4.34. we're in the driest trend ever for january and also february. we're going to get those numbers to flip for us here and we're eventually going to get rain in the seven-day forecast. today was all about the enjoyable sunshine. the warmest down in the south bay. 72 san jose. 77 in santa teresa. and you head up into the north bay 76 in san rafael and 71 in santa rosa. now these winter extremes were all over the board. gilroy, one of our warmest with 79 degrees, san rafael with 7. we were a few degrees away in both of those locations from all-time daily heat today so, again, highly unusual weather that we had today now smack in the middle of february. temperatures are cooling off. down in the south bay a nice night to maybe eat outside. a live look at our sky camera
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network tonight and this is, as i said earlier, the money shot. as we head into this time of the year, you get a warm day. we have the pollution. that's been making it uncomfortable but visually this is a stunner there in emeryville looking back to san francisco and a sunset here across san mateo bridge. now let's get you into some of these larger changes we are going to undergo. high pressure that brought us the heat that is gradually going to push to the south and weaken. by sunday night, monday and tuesday, here comes this trough of low pressure. not only rainfall but the chance of thunderstorms for next week. temperatures will also drop 20 to 30 degrees from today's highs as we head into monday, tuesday and wednesday, and we're looking at snow levels that could go as low as 2,500 feet next week. again, saturday and sunday to get through with some decent weather here for tomorrow. we'll get some sun in your weekend. cloud cover will increase. temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s for the most part. on that three-day forecast, sunday is also dry. monday the cloud cover starts to arrive. that's going to signal those larger changes and coming up in
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the seven-day forecast we'll detail the rain and also the much colder temperatures. you're going to need to find a jacket. that's all i'm going to say. it's going to get down right chilly. >> cat's out of the bag. alarming research involving alcohol and cancer. the connection to how much a person drinks. also, facebook hit by a cyber attack. what it means to the more than 1 billion users. the last one really bothered the whole family because he was in our house at 1:30 in the morning and he was crawling in my brother's room. >> an east bay neighborhood coming together to catch a crook. why police are crediting a local community.
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he's accused of killing a vallejo police officer and today prosecutors announce they will seek the death penalty against him. 39-year-old henry smith facing murder charges. investigators say smith shot and killed officer jim sepuda after a high-speed chase and foot
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perfect suit in 2011. smith has pled not guilty to the charges. the officer was 45 years old and left behind a wife and three children. shrinking police budgets, no problem. neighbors jump in to help solve a string of burglaries in danville. most happen while they are asleep. >> reporter: the quiet neighborhood on the east edge of danville far removed from the usual stories of robbery and violence. so when wallets and small amounts of money began disappearing from homes, neighbors didn't immediate ly sound the alarm. >> we actually did not know burglaries were going on as a community. every house pretty much kept it to themselves. >> reporter: it wasn't until a flier about a recent break-in began circulating neighbors realized they were living amidst a rash of burglaries. the flier alerted them to a surveillance video showing them a suspected burglar inside a home. >> we were all first made aware of that particular surveillance
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video from a private home by a flier generated and handed out anonymously. >> reporter: like the homeowner who made the video, david had been burglarized several times. >> the last one really bothered the whole family because he was in our house at 1:30 in the morning and crawling in my brother's room. >> reporter: investigators say the video helped the case because it got the neighborhood talking. >> another person saw the video and realized something might have happened in their home, contacted us and we were able to put the details of the case together. >> reporter: yesterday police arrested 25-year-old charles who lived in the middle of the neighborhood where the burglary took place. police chief steve simpkins credited neighbors with helping to solve the case. >> good job on behalf of the officers and residents working together to bring some justice to the cates. >> reporter: police say they are investigating his connection to a number of burglaries in the neighborhood. neighbors say the arrest has brought a sense of relief to the quiet community.
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>> if nothing else, someone has been put on notice. put on notice and not only are the police going to be proactive but the community is keeping an eye out now. very, very closely. >> reporter: joe rosato injure are injure, nbc bay area news. a local tech company soared in its market debut. also, take a look at your hand. what does the size of your ring finger say about you? and are you properly preparing your kids for success? we sit down with a best-selling author, po bronson. >> an emotional day in koss for oscar pistorius. and i'm janelle wang. a huge fireball and a sonic boom. the video is remarkable. the latest on the meteorite that appeared to come out of nowhere as it barreled into the earth's atmosphere.
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we saw late last night and it's still hard to believe, but it is very true.
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>> a meteorite racing over the skies in russia and then exploding. the phenomenon captured by multiple cameras. janelle wang shows us in your qurgs world tonight." >> fortunately no deaths but many rattled nerves. president putin sent emergency workers to the region to help the injured and restore damaged buildings. a burst of light and then a sonic boom. c camera after camera caught the meteorite exploding over the city about 1,000 miles east of moscow. scientists estimate the ten ton meteorite raced into the atmosphere at about 30,000 miles per hour and then exploded sending fireballs raining down and causing a shock wave still powerful windows shattered. part of the factory roof collapsed. 1,200 people hurt, mostly by
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shards of glass. after blazing across the sky, the meteorite left a long, white trail, most unsure what they just witnessed and many panicked in the streets. the meteorite exploded about 20 to 30 miles above the earth's surface releasing several thousand tons of energy. translation, about the same energy as a small atomic bomb. >> the rock comes in from space. it hits the earth's atmosphere. that decelerates and puts a lot of stress on it. then it's likely to fragment into lots of pieces. >> reporter: scientists say this happens several times a year but most of the time the meteorites burn up as they enter the earth as atmosphere. rarely are they seen by people and hardly ever do they cause damage. the meteorite literally shook the earth. the geological survey released this seismogram that says it was on par with a 2.7 magnitude earthquake. they say there is no connection with that and the asteroid
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passing by earth right now. >> amazing. thank you, janelle. olympic star oscar pistorius broke down in tears several times in a south african courtroom today while being formally charged for the murder of his girlfriend. he's accused of shooting his girlfriend, 30-year-old model reeva steenkamp in the head. a statement questioning the criminal charge against him. the statement reads, the alleged murder is dispute d in the strongest terms. pistorius will be held at a police station until his bail hearing next tuesday. the 26-year-old made history, you might recall, at the london olympics as the first double a.m. amputee to compete. >> i don't know what might be. he's my inspiration. i'm really disappointed. >> prosecutors in south africa say they plan to charge pistorius with premeditated murder, the most serious criminal charge in the kcountry. known as the blade runner for his prosthetic legs, he was
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hailed as a hero in south africa. it seems the waiting never stops for the passengers of that carnival "triumph" cruise. getting off the ship wasn't the end of the nightmare for many. one of the buses carrying the passengers home broke down. it was going from alabama to new orleans. they were stuck for an hour before another bus came to pick them up. an engine fire killed power and left the ship stranded in the gulf for four days. it finally got towed into land last night. >> driving on the highway, the bus starts slowing down and the bus pulls over and breaks down. >> how long were you there? >> about an to transport all the luggage to the new bus. >> so many delays on land and at sea. now carnival says it will refund everyone the cost of the cruise. but the free ticket to another cruise and $500. some say that's really not enough. >> the six adult women killed in last year's sandy hook
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elementary school shooting were hopored today in an emotional white house ceremony. >> they gave their lives it to protect the precious children in their care. they gave all they had to the most innocent and helpless among us. and that's what we honor today. >> president obama awarded the presidential citizens medal for the families -- to the families of teachers and staff members killed in the december attack. the citizens medal is the second highest honor awarded by the white house behind presidential medal of freedom. the east bay city of oakley is banning the sales of ammunition in residential neighborhoods. it all started when a resident approached the city about opening a home-based business involving guns. the city council considered banning all home gun businesses, but conflicts with federal law prompted lawmakers to abandon that issue. councilmembers compromised by voting 3-2 to ban ammo sales in residential areas. so was facebook hacked? they say an unknown hacking
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group was able to install software on a number of employee laptops. there's no evidence that any facebook data was compromised but did not say what the hacker did have access to. that attack happened last month when employees visited a mobile developer website that was compromised. the affected computers have been cleaned and an investigation is now ongoing. zoom corps uses the web, allowing people living in the u.s. to use computers and smart phones to send money to 30 countries. they make money from transaction fees. investors bid up shares on the i ipo of xoom shares jumping from 50% of their offer price. investors have a lot of hope in international money transfers. how about this, a u-turn for the dmv. a technology overhaul has been canceled. the $208 million project was
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already started. half of the work is finished on upgrading driver's license services but the vehicle registration part is incomplete. the company hired to upgrade the dmv's computer system will not be able to meet the project deadline which is this may. state officials decided it would be best to stop and come up with a new plan and a new company to handle vehicle registration. >> so are we in the clear? an update on that nasty flu season. also, cancer and alcohol. the new research and the link to how much a person drinks. and are you a worrier or a warrior? how we thrive in pressure situations. we chat with a best-selling author, po bronson. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. rare and unusual february heat. hayward was not one of our warmest, it was a new record at 68 degrees besting the old record of 62 and the allergies off the charts. what we need is rain to move in and clear that out. i'll let you know when that returns coming up.
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in health matters tonight we know that smoking and obesity are risk factors for cancer but could alcohol be added to that list as well? a new study from boston university finds that drinking alcohol causes 20,000 cancer deaths a year. breast cancer has the most alcohol related cases at 6,000 a year -- deaths a year. mouth, throat, and liver cancers are related to drinking alcohol. and while the research found the risk for cancer increased the more a patient drank, one out of three reported having just a little more than one serving of alcohol each day. the worst might be over. flu activity continues to decline throughout the country. the centers for disease control
6:38 pm
and prevention said 31 states are reporting widespread flu activity is dropping off. the southeastern states are faring the best. however, states, like us here in the west and the northeast, still have a high level of the flu. >> okay. warm again today. jeff is just like a couple more days and there's rain. a couple more days and there's rain. >> i know. you can sense my excitement. i'm a weather geek. look at this shot here in san francisco the sun sets. it is glorious tonight. we'll let you know how many more days of sunshine as that rain returns in just a few minutes. all right, jeff, here is what we have in sports. for pitchers and catchers and today they have themselves some company. that is right. coming up from the xfinity sports desk, they are ready to defend their world series crown coming up next. for an incredible $16.99.
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share the love this valentine's, with sizzler's steak & lobster.
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he's one of the celebrated writers but many people don't even know he lives here. seven books, millions of copies sold, and plenty of lives impacted. what he's writing now has parents buzzing about their own behavior and their kids behavior. it could change the way you think about winning, losing, and worrying. tonight the interview with best-selling writer po bronson.
6:41 pm
he massages that keyboard quietly in san francisco and usually the words take flight and end up on "the new york times" bestseller list. for almost 20 years phillip bronson, who has always gone by po, has been praised for his writing and back in the day even for his looks. was it 1999 people pag zen's sexiest author alive? >> so embarrass iing, raj. i can't believe you. >> nowadays you'll find bronson, the former stanford soccer player, at the headquarters of the san francisco vikings youth soccer league. he's not only the president but has been studying the behavioral habits of the kids. >> i was coaching my son's soccer, and we put together all these really talented third graders and they started playing in fourth grade and a lot of them were playing the other best teams in california. and all of the kids handled it.
6:42 pm
some of the kid could really respond to that pressure and other kids don't handle that at all. why? what was going on? tried to understand the differences in performance. >> you write about it in the book. if i'm a warrior compared to a worrier, am i in trouble if i'm a worrier? >> no. it's a genetic element which affects how dopamine is cleared in the different core tex of your brain and if you have the warrior gene when you're not stressed, normal every day life just going about your business getting the work done, you have a significant that works out to ten iq. as long as there's no stress. but when pressure -- life brings stressful moments, right? under stress, you see this flip-flop. you see the warriors now the
6:43 pm
warriors' brains don't work as well. >> so many things. can i go through this? this is parent to parent, some of the things that stood out to me. teenagers who take their s.a.t.s in big venues do worse than those in smaller venues. if i take it with a bunch of people i'm not going to do as well? >> you think about it this way, another experiment, they sit you down and they give you this test and they say, you're competing against nine other people. and then they say 99 people. my odds of winning is a crapshoot. when it's nine, i have a chance. they work harder, apply themselves more. >> everyone from the nbc newsroom, i have everyone do this if -- your ring finger is bigger than your index finger that means what? >> that means that you are more prone to risk taking. you respond to competition. comfortable being aggressive and it means you have spacial.
6:44 pm
>> hold it up to the camera but this is my ring finger and it's quite a bit longer than my index. so this suggests that i would be good at spacial ability, be competitive, a risk taker and, yeah, it's quite a bit longer. and everyone women will have a longer index finger. you can look right there and the question is why. this sounds crazy, like this couldn't really be a measure of risk taking and entrepreneurship. they've done studies with 3,000 entrepreneurs and i took photos of all their hands and they could it tell that this ratio tracks how big the company was and how fast it was growing. >> if you're the ceo, do you look at their finger? >> i did. i saw gavin newsom earlier
6:45 pm
today, the former marp of san fr fran. i handed him my book and said let me see your hand. what are you doing? >> he also said president obama and mark zuckerberg, the same thing with the ring finger. the book he co-authored comes out next week called "top dog -- the science of winning and losing. "how did he end up with the name po? check out our web extra on >> i love his books. >> he is an excellent writer. >> and now he's explained why i'm pushy. it's not my fault. >> my gosh. i was doing the same thing. >> we'll look at your fingers later. let's get you the weather forecast. let's go ahead here today. we did have warm weather here in gilroy. south san jose topping out at 75, san francisco, 71 in napa. also at 71 record setting heat, 10 to 15 degrees above average.
6:46 pm
hopefully you enjoyed it today. we'll see the numbers slide down and take a look at what we expect next week. big-time changes. gilroy, for example, had the warmest daytime high at 79, will drop way down to 53. from well above average to well below and not only the warmth here start to go sink down but also that rain is going to be coming back as we head throughout next week. a look at the current temperatures. cooling off with some 50s in the north bay with mainly clear skies wasting no time in some of the lower level heat escaping as the upper atmosphere, 55 there in novato and 63 in gilroy. let's take you out to the sky camera network on this friday night. big plans maybe this downtown san francisco, one of the local establishments is looking great there from our shot from emeryville to the bay bridge and also from palo alto to the dunbar ton bridge, the haze along with traffic will be a big problem tomorrow. moderate air quality and also pollen levels that are way off
6:47 pm
the charts. if you suffer from allergies, saturday and sunday is still going to be very tough for you. we're not going to see things change markedly for us until high pressure pushes off to the south. it looks like as we head throughout saturday night and also sunday that's going to be happening. then for monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday next week, here is the change we want to get some rainfall. the jet stream sinking to the south that will provide the colder storm for next week. again, we're going to have to wait about three to four days to start to see some of these larger changes. for tomorrow it'll be on the cooler side of the coastline, 50s and 60s, widespread sunshine throughout the afternoon and for the interior valleys a mix of 60s and 70s. by sunday that's when temperatures really start to drop by about five to eight degrees from the daytime highs. air quality forecasts in the moderate levels. not a spare the air day but respiratory problems if you have asthma, emphysema, anything of the sort, you are going to want to limit that outdoor exposure on saturday. for tomorrow morning, low to mid-30s in the north bay. you'll need the jacket for
6:48 pm
livermore and san jose 44. daytime highs, though, by the afternoon, you can get away without that jacket tomorrow. in the south bay on your saturday, 71 in san jose, 72 in sunnyvale. 70 in los gatos. cooler to the east bay but still mild for this time of the year. 71 in dublin. 71 in danville. san francisco close to 70 and also 70 in santa rosa. it will be dry all the way through sunday, clouds increase on monday and here comes that much-needed rain. we are smiling about this back in the weather department. we have had less than an inch of rain for most of the bay area since 2013 started. so this is like an early christmas for us. tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. the rain icon each and every day. my weather producer and i were adding those on the seven day. it was just like, yes, yes, yes. >> i'm surprised you didn't put a smiley face. >> he's smiling right now. >> we could. i don't want to get too playful. >> thanks, jeff. speaking of playful, jim
6:49 pm
kozimor joins us with spring training baseball. take it away. >> yes, all right, guys, let's get right to it. the baseball classic, many are already in their training camp and today was the mandatory report day. the position players for the world champion giants. following those world champions, ahmed, is everyone in camp and are they ready to go for the orange and black? >> reporter: well, jim, today was the official report day, as we told you all weeklong. most of the position players were here already. the three we were waiting on marco scutaro and two others. they all showed up. pagam showed up during the meet and greet with andre torres, hunter pence, sandoval. talked with tim lincecum, comparing hair. tim's hair is now very pagan-esque. that $40 million deal, says his bank account may be different, his focus remains the same. we caught up with him and gregor blanco.
6:50 pm
>> a little rest and a lot of work. i signed the contract and the expectations are really big. i want to go out there and keep doing what i know i can do. >> really happy, every day player. i do it again. that was amazing. we believe we stay hungry by loving the game. you never lose that passion. i'm the kind of guy i started playing when i was 10 years old. it doesn't get old. this is the game you start playing when you are a kid. i'm never going to lose my passion for this game. >> reporter: now gregor blanco told us he will not be play iin for team venezuela in the world baseball classic. he thought about it but after all the success with the giants,
6:51 pm
he wants to focus just on being a giant. in scottsdale with the giants, i am ahmed fareed. jim, back to you. >> all right, ahmed, thank you very much. over to the a's. they are continuing their spring training workout down in phoenix, the athletics arrived in camp today. we spoke to them about a variety of topics. >> i never thought i would be perceived as a leader in the clubhouse. i'm glad to step up and do whatever it takes and whatever else needs to be done, take over that role. it's not going to be easy. we're ready to get out on the field no matter what. that's the thing we have to focus on. last year was last year. it's 2013. we have to go out and do it again. that's what we're going to worry about, not what happened last year. keep going this year.
6:52 pm
>> how about football in the october gone. alden smith is using the off-season to show his athleticism. showing ufc heavyweight cormier and mma-style workout in san jose, impressive in that inaugural workout. basketball hall of fame, they announced the finalist for the class of 2013 includes former warrior tim hardaway and rich richmond as well as a nine-time all star gary payton. each player has at least one olympics gold medal to his credit. and the sharks are unloading in the windy city trying to end a five-game losing streak. they're in the second period, 2-1 the score. at 11:00 we will give you highlights. that will do it in sports. there you have it. >> jim, jessica wants to know about the facial hair policy of the a's s. there one? >> i don't think i could have
6:53 pm
played them them because i have baby smooth skin. >> thank you, jim. >> baby smooth skin. >> for a full half hour of sports coverage watch sports net central tonight at 10:30. >> i couldn't do it.
6:54 pm
when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done.
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take a step forward and chase what matters. tonight at 11:00 as that massive asteroid speeds towards earth, why we may never see the next one coming. that's after "rock center" with brian williams. >> a nice weekend coming up, a holiday weekend. tomorrow will be beautiful again. >> yes. a lot of sunshine coming on back for saturday. a little bit more cloud cover
6:56 pm
than for today. daytime highs inland. low 70s at the coast. upper 60s and that return of rain, much colder weather by next tuesday with conditions in the 50s. so a huge change next week. enjoy the weekend. >> enjoy the sunshine. >> yeah. >> we'll see you at 11:00. >> bye-bye.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> "extra, extra." >> now on "extra" -- the blade runner in tears facing premeditated murder charges. the first look inside the house where he gunned down his model girlfriend and their vicious fight before he opened fire. >> it's an absolute shock. >> the olympic inner circle and his ex-girlfriend speak out about the sports hero is jekyll and hyde. was he cheating before he killed? >> beyonce's new baby confessions with oprah.
6:59 pm
how much she backed -- packed on. >> is that how much you gained? >> and who really wears the pants at home with jay-z. now trending, kimmel versus leno. jimmy's new jab at jay and new pics of the valentine's date for britney. is she already on the rebound? >> i'm with the travoltas. >> welcome. >> travolta's mission to help the hero firefighters. and how john just made renee's childhood dream come true. >> ♪ you're the one i want ♪ >> plus our special co-host from vegas, "s.i.'s" chrissy tiegen and kate upton. >> wish you were here, mario. >> want you here. >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra" at the grove, i'm mario lopez. >> and i'm maria menounos. did chris brown and rihanna break up on valentine's day? the new video sparking the rumors coming up. >> first the olympic star oscar pistorius in court today facing murder charges. pistorius in court today facing murder charges. >> the picture
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